Curryville Church of the Brethren


Curryville, PA  16631

1529 Curryville Road 


Pastor David Stiles

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Office - 814-934-2809

Admin. Asst. Rebecca Rodgers

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2nd Shift

We understand, that Sunday mornings don't work for everyone.  Many people are required to work on weekends, and others are not comfortable in large groups.  So, we created a smaller alternative.

2nd Shift meets on Monday evenings at 7:00 PM in our Schoolhouse building, across the street from the church.

The format is very simple.  Pastor Dave offers the same message from Sunday morning, but at 2nd Shift, it becomes a conversation.  Interuptions are welcome.

The atmosphere is totally informal.  2nd Shifters can sit on couches or at tables.  The gathering has a home group feel.