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The Curryville Church of the Brethren was established in 1906, for nearby residents in cooperation with other Brethren churches in the Morrison's Cove area. The people of Curryville made a huge comeback after their original building was destroyed by fire in 1950. Members rallied and some even offered their own homes as collateral for the new church building.


As the new millennium approached the people of this "little country church" where in need of a new pastor. They were determined to find one with fresh ideas and the ability to reach younger generations, in addition to their traditional membership.


In late 2000, Pastor David Stiles was called to lead the Curryville church family.  At the time, David was new to the Brethren world. Previously, he was an associate pastor at Altoona Full Gospel Church and had served at New Day in Altoona, a ministry to youth and families. Earlier in life, he worked in counseling and communications media.


Pastor Dave, a grace loving, conservative evangelical, came with a lot of non-traditional ideas. He also brought experience in contemporary music and technology. So, the transitional process began. "It took us 10 to 15 years to become what we are today," he explains. "These folks have always had the gift of hospitality.  They are genuinely friendly, and they look out for others."  Change hasn't always been easy but we have succeeded.


Today, Curryville Church is a multi-generational family.  The people, who gather for worship at Curryville, represent a variety of Christian traditions and some have no previous church experience. The atmosphere is very casual and people are welcome to come as they are. Pastor Dave is known for his cowboy boots and jeans.


The worship music is led by our House of Worship Band. Contemporary music is featured, but songs taken from the hymnals also are included in the mix.  The focus of our teaching is the Bible presented in clear messages.


In recent years we were blessed with several upgrades to our facility, including an elevator, new restrooms, an updated stage and new carpeting.

A Video from a few years ago, with 3 stories of faith from our church family.

Curryville Church of the Brethren


Curryville, PA  16631

1529 Curryville Road 


Pastor David Stiles

Email - pdgocurryville@gmail.com

Office - 814-934-2809

Admin. Asst. Rebecca Rodgers

Email - gocurryville@gmail.com

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