Times are changing in America, and I see the Church in transition.  While many churches are in decline, many others are thriving.  Thriving occurs when people are welcomed as they are, and the beliefs & practices of the Christian faith, are clearly taught from the Bible.  We aren't perfect, so we don't expect you to be perfect either.  We are excited to meet you where you are.  For a long time, our slogan has been, "We don't care about your past.  We care about your future."


I've spent a lot of time learning what works in American churches, now.  I see a "New Reformation" happening in America and that is very exciting.  I've been at Curryville since November of 2000.  It has been a privilege to work with these people who have become family to me, and to watch what God is up to in this group of believers.  I see my self as a disciple, in the process of growing in my faith along with everyone else at Curryville.  I love being a student of the Bible and its message.  That process never stops for me.  Once in a while, my perspective on an issue may shift a little, because I have learned more.  As I put myself out there, my desire is to be real and approachable.  I really want to be a regular guy, who happens to be the pastor.

I understand that life is full of struggles. My passion is to bring hope into people's lives.   Jesus never promised us a life without trouble.  He promised to be with us in every part of life. Hope is found as people become disciples, who sincerely know and follow Jesus.

Clearly, teaching the timeless Biblical message is critical, but relationship building is also a high priority for me. I truly want to get to know everyone as well as possible.

Curryville Church of the Brethren


Curryville, PA  16631

1529 Curryville Road 


Pastor David Stiles

Email - pdgocurryville@gmail.com

Office - 814-934-2809

Admin. Asst. Rebecca Rodgers

Email - gocurryville@gmail.com

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