Intro – Psalm 7


1Yahweh my God, I turn aside to hide my soul in you.
Save me from all those who pursue and persecute me.
2 There is none to deliver me but you!
Don’t let my foes fall upon me like fierce lions with teeth bared.
Can’t you see how they want to rip me to shreds?
3 Lord, my God, if I were doing evil things, that would be different,
for then I would be guilty, deserving all of this.
4 If I have wronged someone at peace with me,
if I have betrayed a friend, repaying evil for good,
or if I have unjustly harmed my enemy,
5 Then it would be right for you
to let my enemy pursue and overtake me.
In fact, let them grind me into the ground.
Let them take my life from me and drag my dignity in the dust!
Pause in his presence
6 Now, Lord, let your anger arise against the anger of my enemies.
Awaken your fury and stand up for me!
Decree that justice be done against my foes.
7 Gather all the people around you.
Return to your place on high to preside over them
and once more occupy the throne of judgment.
8 You are the Exalted One who judges the people,
so vindicate me publicly and restore my honor and integrity.
Before all the people declare me innocent.
9 Once and for all, end the evil tactics of the wicked!
Reward and prosper the cause of the righteous,
for you are the righteous God, the soul searcher,
who looks deep into every heart
to examine the thoughts and motives.
10 God, your wrap-around presence
is my protection and my defense.
You bring victory to all who reach out for you.
11 Righteousness is revealed every time you judge.
Because of the strength of your forgiveness,[a]
your anger does not break out every day,
even though you are a righteous judge.
12–13 Yet if the wicked do not repent,
you will not relent with your wrath,
slaying them with your shining sword.
You are the conqueror with an arsenal of lethal weapons
that you’ve prepared for them.
You have bent and strung your bow,
making your judgment-arrows shafts of burning fire.




Lord, we come before You in times of trouble and confusion.

These days, it’s often hard to recognize truth.

It would seem that the world is filled with deception.


But we come before You, knowing that nothing surprises You.

We know that nothing happens, unless you allow it.

And where things have gone terribly wrong, you can begin something new.


Help us to be wise in discerning what we are to do and say as arguments are so easy to get into.


We are so grateful that we can look forward to Your return, we all things will be made right.


We ask you to bring peace to our world in trouble and revival to our land.


Where there is misunderstanding may their be ears willing to listen.


Where there is violence and lawlessness, we ask you to restore law and order, peacefully.


Be with those who are ill and please protect the healthy.

Help us all as we are weary from the strain of current events.


Bless the work of all those who are trying to help in Medicine, emergency services and law enforcement.



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