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Song: Your Power Will Pull Us Through

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Song: Power In The Blood

Preschool Lesson
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When we’re friends with Jesus, he takes us to incredible places and shows us unbelievable things! God is right here with us always! Today you received a special gift to help you remember to look for evidence of God all around you. It's the Watch For God Wristband!  God Sightings help us watch for Jesus’ awesome power in everyday life! A God Sighting could be a prayer, a hug from a parent, the sunshine, or a kind word from a friend.  If you see one, write in on the post-it notes included in your kit and stick it to a window in your home!  Let's see how many God Sightings you find during VBS!

Mission Project

This year's Mission Project that we are raising money for is to continue to sponsor our two World Vision children; Jorge & Angela!  In your kit you will find a small bank to put any money that you collect.  We will announce soon how you can turn your money in at church.  Are you looking for some ideas on how to raise money from home?  Here are some:

  • If you receive an allowance, take some of that money and put it in your bank

  • Ask if you can do extra chores for money to donate to George and Angela

  • With your parent's help, contact a neighbor by phone to see if they would like to donate. 

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