2020 Spring Council

During this time of Covid 19 Pandemic restrictions, P & A made the decision to have 2020 Spring Council leadership reports viewed online via our church website, Curryville.org.  Below are said reports.



Board Chair, Gregg Foor:

     Hello Curryville. It’s been quite an interesting year to date and pray all are doing well and staying healthy.

     Pastor Dave, P&A, deacons, commission chairs, and the church board have been working diligently throughout the past few months with major focus on striving to keep the church spiritually and emotionally healthy throughout this challenging season of change in normalcy we all have grown accustomed to.    

     The January board meeting brought to the table much excitement and hope for moving the church forward in 2020. Brain storming and planning were alive and buzzing with topics of visiting shut-ins, Love Feast & communion, Easter service, Baptism, upcoming outreach projects, special speaker/instrumental groups for Sunday services, Mother daughter banquet, Older Servants Day, Graduation Sunday, Bible school, church property projects, just to name a few.

     Oh my, how things changed in a matter of days, hours, and even minutes, as all witnessed life as we knew it suddenly came to a screeching halt. This new season presented a lot of unknown challenges for the now and future of the church.  A change in direction and focus from business as usual to providing love and support for our church family and community now became top priority. For the safety of all our brothers and sisters in Christ, the church facility would need to be closed for an unknown period. The realization that the church needed to remain open for business now became the task at hand. This meant thinking outside the box. It didn’t take long for the wheels to start turning as ideas, discussions, teleconference meetings with church leadership taking place often, generating alternative ways to stay in touch with the church family, provide Sunday morning services and messages, provide alternatives for Children’s ministry, etc. Using the resources available many of these ideas became real time offerings.

     Please continue to keep leadership in your thoughts and prayers as we work together to safely plan a return to some type of normalcy where we gather together once again inside the Lords house. Until we feel that is a safe measure to entertain, continue to support and stay in touch using the current means of worship and communication available on a daily and weekly basis.

     Thanks to Pastor Dave, P&A, commissions, deacons, and all participants in helping continue to keep the church open, with helping coordinate the current drive in worship, with reaching out to all providing Love and emotional support, checking in to make sure everyone is coping, sending cards, etc. A special thanks to the Monday morning prayer warriors that continue to lift the church thru prayer. With everyone coming together, what may have been thought to be problems at the start has turned into successful solutions. With the use of some type of communication via phone, social media, zoom, texts, etc. all have done a great job on continuing the work and fulfilling the mission of the church. 

     Thru observation and conversation these past few weeks, I feel confident the church is still alive, healthy, and open for business.

     Stay strong, stay healthy, keep the Faith as we work together to continue the Lords work here at Curryville.     

May God Bless each one.

Love to all,



Nurture: Meghan Myers

Prior to the Covid shut down nurture hosted a trivia lunch following the church service for a fun afternoon of games in February.
After much prayer and discussion with youth leaders and church leadership, the nurture commission, along with church board approval,  has updated the age for entrance into our uncommon youth programming to those students who are entering 7th through 12th grade. Those children who are entering 6th grade is encouraged to remain upstairs for the adult church service. The 6th graders will remain in their current Sunday school class which will now include grades 4th through 6th. 

We are looking forward to getting together as soon as safely possible, and we truly miss seeing you all!

Witness: Dorcas Holm

Donations consisting of blankets, new toys and money were given to "Cove Christmas Love" at Christmas 2019.  35 people went caroling at the Village on December 15, 2019.  Pizza was served before and hot chocolate served afterwards.  The church ladies made 144 blankets in the fall of 2019 and distributed to Cove Christmas Love, Nehemiah Project, Carol Leonard's and Christa Whisker's 3 Head Start classes.  Steve Pearson is Vice Chairperson for 2020.  The Sharing Cup for 2020 is the same as 2019 except October was changed from Rejuvenate to Love, INC.  Amanda requested donations from congregation to benefit Todd Stanford and other active duty in Iran.  Rock & Reel Outreach postponed until further notice.  April birthday celebration at The Village was cancelled.  Currently, we have one graduate, Cassandra Michelone, graduating from secondary education. A card and gift will be given to her.  Steve Pearson will be presenting a self-taught class on "Experiencing God" sometime after church resumes.  Per Steve's request, we are considering who, among 5 different groups, to come speak at our church and to possibly sponsor; Ethnos 360, Christian Missions, World Gospel Missions, Christian Military Fellowship and "The Bakers" with Share Education Services.  Curryville yard sales were moved to June 26, planning to hand out water and provide a porta potty.  Caleb Miller of Regenerate thanked Curryville for support during the difficult journey of losing his wife, Rachel to cancer.  Regenerate’s focus has changed from overseas missions to developing sex-trafficking prevention workshops for churches here in the U.S.  More will follow on this topic.

Stewards: Todd Bechtel

*Stewards have been working on a new Property, Liability, and Workman’s Comp policy for the church.  The need developed after a lengthy and intrusive questionnaire sent by our current provider and a steep increase in premiums (around $1K) for 2020.

Jim Myers, Rebecca Rodgers, Lorie Bechtel and Todd Bechtel met with Melissa Brumbaugh of White Jenkins Johnson several times and developed a more comprehensive plan at a lower cost.  

The proposed plan was presented and approved by board on 5/21/2020.

The new plan will be effective as of 6/5/2020 and will be reviewed annually.  

*Update on Offerings in light of Covid and the church shut down

As of 5/10/2020 our average weekly offering is down only $115.61 when comparing before the shutdown to during the shutdown.  Our congregation deserves credit for stepping-up in light of no in-house worship services.

*Our cleaning service has reduced hours and is focusing on sanitizing handrails, doorknobs, benches, kids’ toys, etc.  So far. as of 5/21, our cleaning costs are down around $1600 compared to last year at this point.

*Stewards have done some projects to date and had a workday on 5/23/20.    We worked on the play area, installing the swing set and equipment.  We also installed playground mulch.  Grass has been planted in the island area and we plan to install a bench under the maple tree as a spot to sit, relax and reflect.

The rear corner of the sanctuary wall has been repaired and painted along with areas in the lobby.  

Repairs were made to the overhang on the side entry door to prevent birds from building nests inside the framework.

The engineering work and permit have been completed for the shed.  We will need to make access to the building ADA compliant which means a concrete walkway from the asphalt behind the church to the concrete porch of the shed.  We will also need to install an ADA compliant gate latch at the fence.  We have estimates for the walkway and will attempt to complete this summer. 

Bill Rodgers has researched, and we have received approval to install a GAGA pit in the east corner of the play area.  We will purchase a kit that includes walls, padding and a handicap accessible door.  The projected costs are $2500 for all material.  We plan to install, using in-house labor.  Currently, we have around $1500 raised through donations and a fundraiser.  

We will be doing some repairs on the play equipment as few parts are damaged, broken and in decay. 

Total projected cost for the concrete walkway, gate latch, playground parts and supplies are:  $1700.  

*The youth advisors informed me they have $2600 earmarked for the interior of the rear shed.  Board approved to let the youth explore the potential of using the shed as a meeting room.  The Generations Sunday School class participated in two meetings with the youth and developed an 11-step plan to execute.  The youth have developed a name for the building should they get final approval to use it.  The name is “The Uncommon War Room”.

We have received various estimates to finish the interior in steps as funding allows.  

The youth and representatives will be presenting a plan to council when in-house meetings resume.

*Stewards have identified two priorities with regard to needed church repairs. 

 The first item is brick pointing and remortar on the church chimney and multiple places around the building.  We are reaching out to the gentleman who did the work on the schoolhouse last year for an estimate and potential start date. 

The second item is spouting replacement and repair at the parsonage and schoolhouse.

The third is spouting installation on the rear shed.

We have contacted Tony Lewis Construction and he has provided estimates for each job.   Stewards plan to approve and authorize work to begin asap. 

*Stewards are requesting when repairs or maintenance are needed for the parsonage, we use funds from the parsonage checking account.  The parsonage account is growing, and we should be using money from that account for parsonage related matters.  We ask for council consideration and discussion upon resuming council meetings.

*We have received quotes from three different companies with regard to Phase 3 (parking lot project).  The best quote (quality and cost) appears to be New Enterprise Stone and Lime.  Their latest estimate came in at $60,345 which is $5000 less than last year’s estimate.  

The excavating costs are still set at $28,000, provided by TL Long Excavating.

Line painting costs are projected at around $5,000.

The Stewards will meet and develop a recommendation for the board and later council.  This will follow-up on approval from last year’s council vote to move forward with Phase 3.

Financing options will be explored and presented as well.

Youth: Sarah Disney

Since March, the Uncommon Youth have watched “Bold” and “Overcoming Anxiety during COVID-19” on RightNow Media. “Bold”, by Joby Martin, is about expressing our faith fearlessly. “Overcoming Anxiety during COVID-19”, by Jonathan Pokluda, is about all the fears that we may have during these uncertain times but knowing that God is in control. We were scheduled to go on a youth trip to Winter Jam in March, but that unfortunately was canceled due to Covid 19 Virus. Since we have not been able to meet during quarantine, we have been doing zoom video calls every Sunday at 7 o’clock. We watch our RightNow Media videos before the zoom call, and then we talk it over. We usually have 6 youth leaders and 10 youth participating. Our leaders met this week to discuss future plans. We are having an outdoor campfire at the schoolhouse pavilion, on Sunday, May 31, 2020 from 6-8 pm. We will have food, fellowship, and outdoor games. We would like to have regular gatherings and fun activities for the summer, possibly every other week, but are not planning on doing anything with RightNow Media for the summer and are taking a break from formal lessons. Other details have not been determined yet until we know what we can do and what the youth families are comfortable doing. Missy Martin decided not to continue helping with the youth, so we may need to find another helper or restructure our program in the fall. 


Deacons: Lorie Bechtel

Safe Sanctuary

I have been helping get Safe Sanctuary up to date.  We have received most everyone we need but do still have a few outstanding.  The Deacon Body recommended and The Church Board approved for the policy to be updated to include Deacons, Safety Committee and money counters are now required to have completed their clearances.


The Deacon Body also recommended and was approved by Board that all those persons that are required to have background clearances need to be updated every 5 years, which is what the current law states. For volunteers Child abuse clearances and Criminal clearances are free every 5 years. 


After the policy has been updated and clearances are updated. Those in charge of the areas of Children, Youth, Safety Committee, Deacons and Counting the offerings will receive a list of those who have their clearances.  If they assign anyone to volunteer in their area, it is their responsibility to get the clearances and church paperwork obtained BEFORE they take the position.  Rebecca Rodgers and Lorie Bechtel can assist as needed.


Active Membership Count

The Deacon body has reviewed the current Active Membership cards.  There were many in the box that have not attended in years.  Those have been pulled and put in the non-active box and the Council Agenda and count that will be sent to Elgin will be adjusted. At any time, those persons return, the card will simply be put back in the active box and the count will be adjusted.  P & A has approved this.


Card/Tract/Bible bookmarks 

As you know, we now have available greeting cards, bookmarks and tracts on the back table in the sanctuary and we are encouraging the congregation to use those to reach out to others.


Congregational contacts

I’m sure you have all received a phone call, text or Facebook message from a deacon.  We formed a list of contacts for all who attend Sunday or Monday services.  Each Deacon has a group to contact.  If you know of anyone who has not been contacted, please let me know!  We are also encouraging everyone to reach out to each other, look at the birthday list, (Evelyn Guyer’s birthday is June 9th and she will be 98) Also, Jack Showalter could use some encouragement.


Deacon resignation

Jeff and Dorcas Holm have resigned as deacons, due to Jeff having some health issues.  We appreciate their dedication to the church.  Their term was until 2023. At this time, we plan to wait until we are able to visit our shut-ins and back in the sanctuary to replace them.  Our plan will to be call a former deacon into that place, as that protocol was approved last year.


Drive-in Service

We helped set up the phone conferencing system. It is used on Sundays in the parking lot and Mondays for 2nd Shift.  It has also been used also for Commission and Deacon meetings. The report generated is reviewed after each service and am pleasantly surprised with the older members using it.  We have also had several new people join us. I have cards available, if anyone needs that information.  You are welcome to use for meetings.  We may also look into when we go back to meeting inside, make that still available for shut-ins or those travelling.   Over the past month on Sundays, there were approximately 30 callers, including those at home and those in the parking lot. 8 or 9 on 2nd Shift.  We have at least 10-15 cars on Sundays. In the past 2 weeks of the “Tailgating Service”, the attendance in the parking lot has greatly increased each week as people are getting more comfortable to gather. 


National Day of Prayer                                                                                                                              

On May 7th, we had National Day of Prayer in the parking lot.  Best estimate I have, 20-30 cars.  Several also participated at home.  We noticed several cars of people we did not know.  We received several nice comments of appreciation from those who do not attend our church.


Please continue to stay connected to each other, especially those who are alone or older.  We encourage you to participate in church however you feel comfortable.  If you have any concerns, please communicate with Pastor Dave, a deacon or the Board Chair.

Watch the birthday/anniversary list and send cards. Addresses and other birthday & anniversaries in the Directory.   Some to note:  

Evelyn Guyer – 98th Birthday June 9th

Harry Fleck – Birthday June 5th

Steve Pearson – Birthday June 9th

Steve & Patty Pearson Anniversary June 10th

Evelyn Lingenfelter – Birthday June 16th


Pastor Dave:

These have been challenging times for all of us.  At the church, many have worked hard at reimagining how to continue being the church in this season. I’m thankful for everyone’s help, and very pleased at the initiative many have taken to step up and take on various tasks to serve others.

As inconvenient as this has been, this season has forced us to focus on the most critical parts of being the church . . . staying connected and focusing on the messages in the Bible.

I also hope and pray that people have used this time to do some self-examination.  As a friend of mine has said, “It’s like we’ve been sent to our rooms to think about what we’ve done.”  As much of what has kept us so “busy” has been taken away, I sincerely pray that we will emerge with better priorities about how we spend our time, and a greater appreciation for the importance of gathering together as the church.

I’ve been keeping very busy with creating and managing the content for our website and Facebook page, as these are our primary methods of connecting for preaching, and information.

With our shut down and safety guidelines, much personal visitation has been impossible, especially with older members and those in retirement communities. I’ve been trying to stay connected with everyone electronically.

I feel the need to give a shout out to our District Minister, David Banaszak. He has been great to work with and has taken the over site of our district very seriously in our current crisis. He’s also been very supportive of my family with all of our recent transitions.

I also want to thank you all for the grace shown to me and my family with the transitions occurring in our home.

Annual Conference

You may have heard that the 2020 Church of the Brethren Annual Conference has been canceled. All business has been put on hold until next year. I was to go as the delegate this year.

Even so, I was not optimistic that anything would be resolved to help our deeply divided denomination. Our national leadership had invested much time in recent years developing a “Compelling Vision Statement.” The goal was to develop a statement for everyone in the COB to rally around.  

The statement was released this Spring:

Together, as the Church of the Brethren, we will passionately live and share the radical transformation and holistic peace of Jesus Christ through relationship-based neighborhood engagement. To move us forward, we will develop a culture of calling and equipping disciples who are innovative, adaptable, and fearless.

That’s all !!  


Notice it does nothing to address the critical issues that are causing division:  Biblical Authority and human sexuality.  The statement is also without doctrine. Earlier this year, I met with our District Minister and he clearly understands why there is much concern about the actions of our national leadership.

A few years ago, some of you were able to participate in a survey process, either in person or online.  This survey was supposed to gather input for this “Compelling Vision Statement.”  You may recall, the questions were manipulative and deliberately avoided the issues that are causing division.  

It was reported that the phrase “elephants in the room,” was used as a joke at last year’s Annual Conference.  I even saw a picture of this on a power point slide online. 

It’s clear that our national leadership’s goal is to maintain the status quo.  This would include: an openly gay pastor acknowledged from the stage at Annual Conference in 2017, numerous churches supporting same sex marriage, and the District Minister for the Pacific Northwest being an open lesbian.

When conservative leaders in the COB confront national leadership about these situations, the response has been, “Our hands are tied. This is up to the districts to decide.”

As disturbing as this all is, it doesn’t affect the operations of our church. We operate according to our own constitution.

Conversations between conservative pastors and church leaders are taking place to work on ideas for a better future for our churches.  

Nothing is happening currently under our national shut down. But when we are able to resume business, I look forward to learning more and reporting back what the future may hold.

You may pick up a copy of the 2020 Spring Council Financial Reports located on the table in the rear of the sanctuary.


Respectfully Submitted,


Rebecca Rodgers                                                                                                                       

Administrative Assistant


Curryville Church of the Brethren

2019 Fall Council Minutes

November 24, 2019


Board Chair Kellie Hileman opened meeting reading a scripture from Galatians and stated this is her 6th year on the board. She also stated that although the church business is important; our relationship with Christ is more important. She offered a prayer for wisdom and guidance.

O. Gene Sollenberger-  stated a correction needed to be made in 2019 Spring Council minutes.  He stated that he and Todd Bechtel closed bank accounts in Woodbury at the BB & T Bank and opened new accounts at Altoona First Saving Bank in Martinsburg Pa.

Jim Myers made a motion to accept the Spring council minutes and Don Brumbaugh seconded. All were in favor.

Evelyn Lingenfelter made a motion to accept the 2020 Slate of officers which was seconded by Jim Myers. All were in favor.

Financial Secretary O. Gene Sollenberger presented his reports. Carolyn Sollenberger asked why there was no acknowledgement for the Willing Workers Class who paid $750.00 toward Capital Campaign. Due to the fact that Willing Workers wrote the check directly from their Class bank account and NOT the church’s account. No slight was intended, however this generous contribution was acknowledged and duly printed in the July 28, 2019 church bulletin announcements.

Administrative Assistant Rebecca Rodgers led congregation through her several paged report.  Rebecca corrected two typos on page 13.  Should have been 2019 Sunday & Second Shift offerings YTD and taxes paid on parsonages should have been $1771.66. There were no questions. 


Stewards: Todd Bechtel

Gave the congregation a list (see below) of what the Stewards have done so far in 2019.  The numbers in bold print are topics Todd expounded.


2019 Projects Completed

Project Funding Source of Labor

1.  Ramp Project Generations/ Building Fund Outsource

2.  Spouting replacement and roof repair on church Building Fund Outsource

3.  Toddler room ceiling replacement Generations/ Building Fund Outsource

4.  Lattice and wall around A.C. units (approved by professionals)            Generations/ Building Fund Outsource

5.  Church exterior and ramp railings pressure washed Building Fund Outsource/ In-house

6.  Church boilers inspected and recertified Building Fund Outsource

7.  Church, School House, and Parsonage furnaces serviced Building Fund Outsource

8.  Property lines located, Various meetings with contractors,

    estimates secured, inform church, conduct walk-around No cost In-house

9.  Improve offering accounting and record keeping               No cost In-house

10.  Digitize all lockbox documents from the Woodbury Bank Donation In-house

11.  Closed Woodbury bank accounts and open new accounts at 

      Altoona First No cost In-house

12.  Installed receptacle in Lobby.  Improve office load distribution Donation Outsource

13.  Program church thermostats and improve AC use for efficiency No cost In-house

14.  Remove trees, grape arbor, trim shrubs, clean spouting, 

       coat rear deck at parsonage Donation In-house

15.  Repair plaster on rear wall of sanctuary Donation In-house

16.  Cleaned sanctuary lights and repair speakers No cost In-house

17.  Repaint curb lines at front of church No cost In-house

18.  Replace school house door and finish interior trim Building Fund/ Donation Outsource/ In-house

19.  Repoint bricks and install date marker at school house Building Fund Outsource

20.  Replace ramp railing at school house Donation Outsource

21.  Repair AC units at church and sanctuary Building Fund Outsource

22.  Replace basement phone with cordless system Donation In-house

23.  Develop cleaning check list and mailbox for custodian No cost In-house

24.  Purchase new chairs under balcony/ Circle of Friends Building/ Memorial Fund Outsource

25.  Repair light ballast in sanctuary and kitchen Building Fund/ Donation Outsource/ In-house

26.  Purchase portable scaffolding for church Generations/ Building Fund Outsource/In-house

27.  Purchase and install mats at entry points Donation Outsource/ In-house

28.   Repair tables in School House Donation In-house

29.  Install door bell system for Sunday School Notification Donation In-house

30.  Purchase and plant maple tree at front of parsonage Donation In-house

31.  Repair church furnace and install Smart Thermostat in sanctuary Building Fund In-house

32.  Complete Phase 1 and 2 of Parking Lot Project             Building Fund/ General Checking Outsource

33.  Trim maple tree at church Donation Outsource

34.  Install post lighting at church and school house entry ways Donation In-house

35.  Clean-out rear shed and school house basement No cost In-house

36.  Replace motion sensor in restroom No cost In-house

37.  Remove old play area No cost In-house

38.  Repair rear school house door No cost In-house

39.  Pump, inspect and repair septic systems at church, 

       School house and parsonage General Checking Outsource

40.  Clean Lexan on balcony (inside and outside)         No cost In-house

In-house:  21

Outsource:  14

Combination:  5

2020 Where We Are Going

1.  Continued brick repair around school house and church.

2.  Work with Generations and Youth to coordinate interior completion of rear shed. The Board has approved to allow the Youth to use the shed as their meeting room. Youth and Generation SS Class will be raising funds to complete the interior of the shed in the new year. This project will create some much-needed Sunday School classroom space. 

3.  Continue to push forward with Phase 3 of parking lot project.  If you want this project to happen, please voice your approval!!    

Phase one and Phase two were combined as a result of input and suggestions made during a walk around explaining the parking lot project. Phase one & two are well underway with our Contractor Garman Brothers supplies and equipment currently in the parking lot.  Approximately $6000.00 was saved by not moving the telephone pole as originally planned. 

4.  Address spouting issues with parsonage.

5.  Repair stained glass around church.

6.  Finish school house entry way.

7.  Replace rear school house door.

8.  Address normal wear and tear issues around church properties.

Todd thanked many people in the church for their valued help!  His wife Lorie, Bill & Becky Rodgers, Rod & Joyce Hoover, Jim & Cindy Myers, the Generations Sunday School Class, Steve & Patty Pearson and David Odroneic.  


Nurture: Meghan Myers

July: Hosted our annual VBS weekend and it was successful. 

August: Accepted Noah’s resignation and worked together with children’s program volunteers and youth parents to continue our successful programming with a few modifications that are working very well!!

September: Kicked off the new youth and children’s programs. Thank you so much to everyone who stepped up and are volunteering their time and energy to lead children and youth in their walk with Christ!!

October: Had a successful trunk or treat; all the kids, youth and adults had a great time. Thank you, Gene, for providing the hayride.  Fellowship for pastor appreciation Sunday was well attended and enjoyed by all. 

November: Preparing for hanging of the greens on December 1 during the church service. We will have our annual Christmas cookie tasting following the service. Thanks so much to Rena for spearheading the service!!

December: Nurture will be hosting the children’s Christmas party during church and Sunday school. It will most likely be December 15.

The Faith Quest Sunday school class which is geared for adults with children/youth will be reconvening beginning in January. Randy Hinish has volunteered to teach the class.


Witness Commission:  Dorcas Holm

This Commission presently consists of (3) people; Elizabeth Pheasant, Lynn Emig and Dorcas Holm.  Rosalyn Sollenberger resigned and Kellie Hileman filled the Board Chair position when Dave O. resigned.

Curryville Yard Sale was on May 24 & 25.  Christian Outreach consisted of handing out pretzels and water as well as having a porta potty available.

$200 was donated to the Village at Morrisons Cove Auxiliary for Christmas in July.

This week we delivered 41 shoeboxes for "Operation Christmas Child" to Grace Brethren Church in Duncansville for Samaritan's Purse.  Our church paid the shipping of $9 per box.

We will be caroling at the Village on December 15th.  The Youth and leaders will be joining us that Sunday evening.  A light supper will be served prior to and cookies and hot chocolate will be served after we return.

We will be promoting the Village's Christmas Cookie Sale fundraiser for December 13th.

We will be asking for donations for "Cove Christmas Love" again this year.

The church ladies made 142 blankets this fall and they will be distributed to Cove Christmas Love, Nehemiah Project, Carol Leonard's and Christa Whisker's 3 Head Start classes.

Looking ahead for early 2020:

-    Meet in January to designate monthly Sharing Cup

-    Look further into the Truck Stop Ministry

-    Help to promote Food Bank donations in our church.

Youth: Erik Whisker

Six months ago, Noah Ford served as our Youth Director and presented you with an outline of his vision for the Uncommon Youth.  Now it is an honor to present to you Uncommon Youth (rewritten).  The new Uncommon Youth has new leadership working together for one purpose: create disciples of Jesus Christ (see Matt: 5-13-14).  I would like to introduce you to our new Uncommon Youth Leaders: Mike and Krystal Disney; Matt and Meghan Meyers; Erik and Christa Whisker; and Pastor Dave and Missy Martin.  Pastor Dave and Missy thank you both for investing in Curryville’s Uncommon Youth we value you.

At this time, I’d like to review some information about Uncommon Youth:

~As leaders we rotate each Sunday and work to communicate efficiently.

~This Summer our youth participated in 30-Hour Famine and conducted a 

fundraiser for World Vision raising approx. $1,564.  In addition, this 

weekend ended with our youth demonstrating their “talents” in a talent

show.  It was an incredible experience for our youth and church as all together.

Along with the talent show was an auction to help with the fundraiser.

~Recently, Uncommon Youth has moved from Wednesday to Sunday with hopes

of removing any imposition of congregating on a weekday.  

~Our open night party to KICK-OFF Uncommon Youth had an outstanding turnout-Estimated at 17 youth from different area schools.

~ Currently we have an average of 11 youth attending on Sunday evenings (7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.)

~We had our first successful UNCOMMON YOUTH CAFÉ—yes! Coffee at its best!

Our Uncommon Youth will set up the Uncommon Café every 4th Sunday.  Yes, 

Mark your CALENDARS, every 4th Sunday.  We launched this initiative on Pastor

Appreciation Day and incorporated ourselves with the Fellowship Committee—Everything went well.  

To highlight, 12-22-19 the Uncommon Café will be open for coffee, tea, and baked

Goods—yes, you heard me correctly!  

Uncommon New Business:

The Uncommon Café is to earn money for Winter Jam 2020.  

As our youth work earn money for activities, we have an average of $500 in the youth account 

To mentor disciples of Jesus Christ, it is appropriate to tithe 10% of profits.

As per biblical teaching we will be working with church stewards to make the shed into their own space. 

Todd Bechtel has provided his time to consult with the youth getting them in involved with this project – even looking to do some of the work themselves which provides multiple benefits.  

To conclude, as we move forward with our Uncommon Youth, we want to take this opportunity to thank the congregation for their support of our youth.

Deacons: Randy Hinish

Vespers Service was well attended and successful.  Deacons will be helping Pastor Dave through this difficult season. Deacons are also here for the congregation.


Board Chair: Kellie Hileman

Board decided to tithe 10% of the 2019 annual parsonages rental funds to Caleb & Rachel Miller.

Due to Moderator Mitch Frederick’s absence and Kellie Hileman being a new board chair, Pastor Dave assisted in facilitating the meeting with explanatory remarks regarding the 2020 budget.  


Fall 2019 Pastor’s Report 

A lot has been accomplished this year.  It wasn’t always easy.

Moving forward a few words about communication:

-Direct to the people involved.

-Accurate & Graceful

We all make mistakes, especially when we are overwhelmed in a situation.

Remember that spiritual warfare is very real.

I heard a very good teaching recently on how the enemy will attack a healthy church.

  1. Stir up division

  2. Create distractions (to take our minds off our mission)

  3. Pile on discouragement.

Something a little bit discouraging is for the first time since we started our present tracking system, we are seeing a decline in attendance and giving. 

Prior to this year we had been on a path of slow and steady growth over the past 5 years approximately. 

I have investigated this in a number of ways. 

I've contacted many people, when I have noticed their attendance pattern changing.  This is getting harder; many people don’t have a pattern.

I have also done some research on national trends.  This is actually very common.

There are many reasons, Children's athletic and extracurricular activities are a big factor, but so are empty-nesters traveling on weekends to see family. So, it's not one specific thing.

The challenge we face going forward is not to fight the new normal, but figure out how to get out in front of the situation and be the church in 2020.

How do we engage with people, and continue the work of making disciples in the culture we live in.

Things to focus on:

Encouraging one another in our faith journey together.

Making better use of alternatives like second shift, Wednesday night Bible study or other small group ministries that may develop.

Continue to make the most of our online presence.

Our website was completely new this Fall.

Also, we need to appreciate when people take the initiative to do something.

Many people have stepped up to provide leadership to our children and youth.

A few people started meeting for a Wednesday night Bible study. This was a small experiment, but it has grown into something substantial and it is a very supportive group that all are welcome to attend.

Also, I would encourage other people to take the initiative to do something, like that. 

For the first time in many years, we had a fall vesper service. 

Once again, because someone took the initiative to make it happen.

We are going to have a hanging of the greens service this year, because someone took the initiative to run with that ball.

I’m sure I’m missing some things . . .

When someone does something like that, I believe we should appreciate it.

Any other reaction could be taking the bait of Satan, and feeding into the negativity of Spiritual Warfare.

A big highlight of the year was our outdoor baptism and reception of new members. This was the largest intake of people in my tenure as Pastor here.

I am very appreciative of the opportunity to take a sabbatical this year.

It was much needed and very refreshing. I had a lot of unique experiences: visiting several other churches, attending a worship leaders conference, and taking an online nonfiction writing class.

Regarding the COB, I will be attending Annual Conference this year.  I don’t think it’s currently possible to have another Grandchild born in that time frame.

In short, the whole process of developing a compelling vision for the future has felt very manipulative to say the least.  The questions were very skewed and the conversation has deliberately avoided two critical topics, the Authority of the Bible and gay marriage.

I am reconnecting with many of my friends within the denomination to get up to speed with what is happening.  More information coming in the new year.


Jim Myers made a motion to accept all matters of business.   Krystal Disney seconded.  All were in favor.

Pastor Dave closed in prayer. 

Respectfully Submitted,


Rebecca Rodgers

Administrative Assistant

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